Southeastern and Northeastern Anatolia

now I found time to write about my trip to the South- and northeast of Turkey.

I travelled with two friends, Birgit and Julia.

At all it was really impressing. We started our tour in Malatya. From Malatya we went to Mount Nemrut. To climb up to the hill we had to pass snow and a lot of mud. At the end we had to spend some time in the bathroom to clean our shoes and jeans. But it was it worth. We had an amazing view. After Malatya we made an “Hard core” day with two cities in one day. After your overnight stay in Urfa and the morning we spent there we went at the same day to Mardin and in the evening over Diyarbakir to Van…

Urfa was like I though 1001 night could be. Unfortunately in the afternoon it began to rain and to hail. But we sat in the bus J

But when we started in Mardin with walking around the city it started to rain again. Mardin is a nice city with a lot of houses on the hill. I was a little bit sad that we couldn’t enjoy that great atmosphere in Mardin.

Because it rained we took the next minibus to Diyarbakir. In Diyarbakir, we changed the bus to Van. It was so funny. I was not already out of the minibus a turkish boy shouted “Van Van” and Julia shouted back “Evet, Evet”. Not one minute later we were with all our luggage in the next minibus trying to catch the last bus to Van. Not even ten minutes later we sat in the bus without eating anything. Because it was more or less seven o’clock we were dropped out in Van at 3 o’clock in the night. Don’t worry we could find a hotel.

But I can tell you, that way was really crazy. So many potholes….

Van, or more exactly, the Van lake and Akdamar Island was so amazing. This is one of my favourite places in Turkey. We meet a British girl, and together with here, we made a tour for that day. We went to Akdamar Island and to the Van Castle. But Akdamar Island is so beautiful. The mountains in the back just after a blue, turquoise lake and the island, with the flowering cerry trees was wonderful.

We meet one friend of us in Van, who is living in Erzurum. With him and his friend we travelled the next day to Dogubayazit. On the way we were checked maybe five time by the military. In Dogubayazit we went to the old Palaise and had a lock on the Mount Ararat.

After this impressing day we drove to Erzurum were we could stay a night in the house of the friend (Ahmet). The next day we got a privat city tour through Erzurum.

Because they wanted to visit some friends in Trabzon we could join them on our way. It was also not so bad to have some boys at eleven in the night in Trabzon near you. During the nights this place is not so secure. But nothing happened. We found a nice hotel for the night and in the morning we went to Sumela, an old monastry in the forest. I also liked this place a lot. It was raining a little bit and because of the rain it was foggy. This was romantic. Ohhh…

This is also the end of our trip…

At all I can say it was interesting. The people in this area are normally poor. We meet a lot of Kurdish speaking people and unfortunately we saw many military bases and military on the street.

I can recommend everyone to travel to this area….

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