Hello to all the people over the world!


I want to post also regularly some of my stories in english. I hope that I can keep in this way the contact to my english speaking friends.

As you know, at the moment, I am living in Istanbul. I really love Istanbul. I enjoy my life here every day.

The last days I was a little bit bussy because of the midterm exams at my University. But it was more or less good.

On Thursday night my flatmade and me organized an barbeque in our flat. We made some nice Salats and Tzatsiki. Mhhh. It was only a small party but we want to make another one, before we are going home.

Today I will go to a Conference about Nuclear Weapons from the Heinrich Böll Donation. And tomorrow we will go to the Belgrader Forest. I really love Istanbul but one day outside Istanbul in nature will be also nice.

Next week on Friday Birgit and me are starting with our trip to the East of Turkey. We will begin in Malatya with a Tour to Mount Nemrut.

But I will write you what happened during our tour.

I am attending a Course from Kirisci "European Foreign and Security Policy". For this course I have to hand up a paper proposal next week on Tuesday. My paper will be about the Relations between the European Union and Turkey. It will be interesting but a lot to do. As I discovered right now this is one of the topics Kirisci is interested in and knows a lot. But with his good knowlegde I can also gain with my paper.

Hope to hear from you all!

21.4.07 09:10

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nur-yakamoz (27.4.07 17:45)
enjoy your trip..

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